Talkin’ Bout my Ge-ne-ration…..

Ok, If you can’t tell by the title, I’m a baby boomer.  Folks from my era were not raised with the digital world.  We were raised on bad reception black and white TV’s of Howdy Doody and weather reports where they would write the weather info on a dry erase board.  There were no PC’s, no computer games.  Photography was film based, cameras not very user friendly.  Our lives were filled with darkrooms with caustic chemicals, enlargers and photo paper.  Unless you were very good at negative manipulation, your photos were limited to the success or failure of your camera settings and film speed at the time of capture.

The “digital age” seemed to happen overnight.  However digital cameras would be out of the reach of most photographers for another decade.  Advances not only in cameras, but also in the affordable memory market, made it cost feasible for everyday photographers to move to digital as early as the 1990’s to early 2000’s.  But technology was ahead of the learning curve for most  photographers and only those who dared to school themselves on the digital cameras as well as updating their home computers to handle large image files, and invest in new cameras and lenses were ready to immerse themselves totally into the realm of digital photography.

Today’s youth have no concept of a time before personal computers and video games.  Most were spoon fed on video games from a very early age.

Yes, we are dinosaurs.  So what?  We can and have learned how to exist in a digital world.

Digital photography has opened up a new avenue for photographers that understand the craft of photography yet must now be schooled on the latest of software to handle their photos, how to organize and store their photos and how to print their photos on multiple media platforms.

There are those who have been dragged into the digital age kicking and screaming.  Some of these are photographers who don’t want to move from the age of film to digital.  This was avoidable for awhile, however it is harder and harder to find an avenue for obtaining film and developing film.  They must now move to digital, like it or not.

My hope is that I can make this transition an easy one for you.  That is my goal.  Let me know if you have questions on gear.  The kind of gear a person needs is strictly based on what the application is…..are you shooting grand kids in the park?  Want to do some sports photography?  Vacations?  Move into the pro photographer realm with landscape photography?  The variations of applications are endless, as are the gear (cameras, PC’s, software applications).

I help those who need advise on camera gear and software needed to save their precious photos.

Are baby boomers behind the curve?  Some are.  Are we completely tech savvy, probably not, however we do have a zest for life and adventure!!















Author: jeannemor

Photographer, business owner, musician. I opened Golden Photo Services, Goldendale Washington, in 2008. Photography is not only my profession but my passion. Whether in the studio or on location I give folks that personal attention that that they deserve to create a moment in time that will last forever. I also provide custom framing services, photo restorations.

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