Photography is a Passion

The digital age has made it easy to take very good photographs without an extensive knowledge of mechanics or composition.  From point and shoot digital cameras to DSLR’s the increasing resolution and speed have revolutionized the art of photography. 

The biggest advantages of digital over film is the instant gratification of being able to view your results immediately, allowing the photographer to make adjustments and shoot again to fine tune the intended results.  It is now possible to shoot in live view on several models, allowing adjustments in real time.

I’m a card carrying member of the baby boom generation.   There is still a great deal of trepidation, among people in my generation, when it comes to the digital revolution,  Some embrace it, others fear it.  I can’t tell you how many people come into my studio, point and shoot in hand, who don’t understand how the camera works, or even how to get the photos “out of the camera”.  Some of them  received cameras from their children as gifts, to help them keep in touch.  Part of my goals for this blog is to address photography techniques and camera functions in very human terms.  To over-think all the technical aspects is to sap the passion right out of the joy of photography.  

So here we go together.  To explore.. to learn…to love. Simply and with great passion!!

Author: jeannemor

Photographer, business owner, musician. I opened Golden Photo Services, Goldendale Washington, in 2008. Photography is not only my profession but my passion. Whether in the studio or on location I give folks that personal attention that that they deserve to create a moment in time that will last forever. I also provide custom framing services, photo restorations.

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